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Kanji Black Frame KJ01 Vintage Eyewear Frames

Kelson Unisex Kanji Black Frame Transparent Lens Round 46mm Glasses


Kanji frames accentuates a person’s best features with its round frame and unique shape.  When you put on the vintage frame, you instantly feel that sense of invincibility from the strong acetate used to create the durable frames. On top of that, the frame looks killer on any type of face. A stylish look for anyone that wants it.




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Kelson Unisex Kanji Black Frame Transparent Lens Round 46mm Glasses

Kanji was born after Kelson, the man behind the brand, decided that frames are exactly that: something to frame a person’s face. With that in mind, he set out to create a vintage frame that would make anyone look amazing and fashionable. Using fierce colors and strong materials, the Kanji frames came to life as the frame to have if you want style, strength, and value, all wrapped into one.

The most popular vintage eyewear frame with an overly intellectual touch on the style. As if an independent forward thinker shaped this intelligent looking pair of glasses while time travelling. A piece of fine handmade art with superb quality material from Italy.


  • Black Frame: Transparent Lens
  • Lens Width: 46mm
  • Bridge Width: 21mm
  • Arm Length: 150mm
  • Lens Height: 40mm
  • Frame is made from a high quality acetate, one that will take hits and shrug them off like nobody’s business.
  • Contains a bendable aluminum metal core that provides flexibility to the frame without compromising the shape. More bending, less breaking.
  • An aluminum ball end is included at the temple ends. Comfort at its peak.
  • Nose pads are molded from aluminum with Kelson Design’s logo on it. Sexy details for a sexy person to wear.
  • The arms of the frames are laser-etched with the name to prevent fading. This legacy will live on.

The sunglasses variants all have polarized lenses and features 100 UV protection. Polarized lenses blocks any blinding glare that comes off horizontal surfaces for reduced eye strain and much greater comfort, which is exactly what the polarized lenses that come with each of our amazing frames will provide.

The prescription glasses variants of each frame comes with plastic lenses, and will need to be replaced with your own prescription lenses. All of Kelson Design’s frames are meant for both genders, so both guys and girls can enjoy the huge variety of frames that Kelson Designs provides.

*A compact case is provided with each pair, and it comes with a highly reflective paper that acts as a mirror when placed closely for you to ensure your appearance is always camera-ready. A high-quality fabricated cloth is included as well to provide a clean and fresh frame every time you wear it.

*Each frame purchased provides a Gold Member Warranty, which includes LIFETIME RETURNS and REPAIR.*

Kanji Black Frame KJ01 Vintage Eyewear Frames
Kanji Black Frame KJ01 Vintage Eyewear Frames
Kanji Black Frame KJ01B Vintage Sunglasses
Kanji Black Frame KJ01 Vintage Eyewear Frames


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