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Life Time Warranty

Kelson Desgin Vintage Frames Stylish Eyewear Sunglasses

Lifetime Warranty


Quality and reliability are two of our most important concerns here at Kelson Design. Dedicated to providing the most fashionable and sturdy frames in the game, Kelson Design will offer lifetime warranty for all of our frames, no questions asked! If you notice any defects in the frame that shouldn’t be there, we will repair or replace your item free of charge.


Make sure to email us if you have any concerns or problems with your frame. Remember, we’re here to help!


What’s Covered By Our Lifetime Warranty

-Stripped screws

-Broken nosepad posts

-Dislodged jewels, logos, accessories, etc.

-Broken or loose hinges

-Oxidation or discoloration of frame


What’s NOT Covered By Our Lifetime Warranty

-Rough handling

-Improper cleaning

-Exposure to heat or cold

-Lengthy exposures to water