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Sunglasses & Glasses Frame Size Guide

Sunglasses & Glasses Frame Size Guide


Every pair of frames shows the size on its frame around the nose pad, across the bridge, or sometimes on the ear piece. Here’s how to read the frame size!

What to look for:

There is a variety of information within your frame that will help you determine anything you need to know, such as the model number, the color and style, the eye size, the bridge size, and the temple size. These information can be displayed in varying orders and in a variety of ways, but it’s actually not difficult at all!

You will look for two sets of two-digit numbers and then one set of three-digit number. That’s everything you need to find to figure out the frame’s information.

  • The first two-digit number ranging from 40 to 62 = Your Eye Size
  • The second two-digit number ranging from 14 to 24 = Your Bridge Size
  • three-digit number ranging from 120 to 150 = Your Temple Size


The eye size and bridge size numbers are usually located next to one another, and sometimes they’re even separated by a square box icon. The temple size is usually shown immediately after the eye and bridge size number, OR with other information in between.

If you see a group of capital letters and number together, this is generally the frame model number or the frame color/style number(s).

You can contact us at if you need help figuring out this information.